Studio hire
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Pre-lit Cyc - $200+g.s.t

The cyc is pre-lit before your shoot day.

6x 650w Fresnel

1x 2k Blonde

We use six 650w fresnels through 216 diff for the walls / and a 2K blonde through diff as a space light .

This provides a nice even white all round.

The lights are on a 12 channel dimmer pack to be tailored to taste.

Pre-lit Cyc plus subject lighting package - $300+g.s.t

The above pre-lit cyc kit, plus additional subject lighting as follows:

2x 2k Fresnel (often punched through silk for key light)

1x 800m x 800m soft box - 1K or 500w bulb (key or fill)

2x 350w Lowel Pro lights (Hair / backlight / eyelight)

1x 750w Lowel umbrella light (white or silver - usually fill)

2channel Twinfade (often used to adjust fill and back lighting).

Plenty of Stands / C-stands / Polly / diff / etc. / 8x8 silk frame

Subject lighting only - $150+g.s.t

The above subject lighting kit

With 20years of studio lighting experience we are more than happy to discuss options to achieve great results on any budget.

We have long standing relationships with Xytech and Topic, and can organise drop-off and pickup of anything you need from their arsenals of Flash / HMI / Tungten / Kino / LED fixtures.

We have extensive experience with Green Screen setups so don’t hesitate to ask about options from fabric to a full cyc spray out. Get it right on the day and pull the perfect key in post!