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Gavin Jones Paintings 10th Aug 2017

LOT23 is very pleased to present an exhibition of Paintings by Gavin Jones. This show is a stunning collection, a succinct and beautifully resolved body of work. They are unapologetic, self-contained and both honoring and questioning the painting tradition.

Jones sees the painting as a perceptual object, an object that both demands and informs a system. A system where each work informs the next. This organization structure links the works, they are versions in and of themselves… as each work is repeated with incidental alterations. An inventory emerges of incremental shifts, interruptions and error.

This process is a means to track and archive ideas and visual systems. But perhaps this repetition is a “coping mechanism, a means of tolerating chaos”. Jones muses if these “attempts are made to invoke the idea of ‘process as image’ whereby the paintings surface functions as a site of convergence, generating and framing itself as subject”. Itself and then a copy of itself, saturated with new and subtle inflections.

“How paintings are made, the formal processes involved in making paintings and the result this has on materiality is something that is central to my studio practice. Painting for me requires a framework, a system in which to mediate and trigger a tangible experience. Ngatu or tapa cloth painting provides me with the structure I need for such a system, specifically the rubbing and printing aspects of Ngatu. These rubbings act as a vehicle, subverting the uniqueness of painting as an object while undermining the repetitiveness often associated with printing and its copy. Under these conditions painting begins to function as a unique multiple.” Jones 2017


“Gavin Jones show ‘Painting’ at Lot 23 is a dynamic selection of painted works on canvas which replicate the repeating process of printing to create works which are individual and electric.  Each small-ish canvas exudes energy, the colour is laid down layer upon layer, each in a slightly different way, and where the paint lands there is a sense of movement, like a shimmering, or a soundwave.  How-ever they are controlled pieces; considered, there is chance in the paintings but they are constrained by the edges, concentrating the energy within even more and the works on which the edges are painted bright red leads to a sense of linking between the image within and the world around them.

The process of layering the paint in this way, creates illusions within the piece, with each glance, you see a new image, a city scape seen through bush perhaps, a mountain range at sunset, there is a filmic quality, like old negatives cracking through a projector, a sense of shifting throughout each of the works.  They are like living things which breathe and sigh with possibility.  The small ‘accidents’ between time during the printing of then ensure that none of them are identical, out of the three works: RP/DT.01(J/A)17, RP/DT.02(J/A)17 and RP/DT.03(J/A)17, I had a clear favourite, simply down to the way in which the particular lines interacted with one another.  The first painting RP/MH.15-17 is made up of immaculate lines juxtaposed with an organic application which allowed the paint to fall in and sit freely, the division within the frame between the definitive lines and the free paint below it is a perfect example of the tensions existing within these works.

We are bombarded by visual content every-day, to which we each bring our own perceptions and experiences to whatever we see, Gavin’s works go beyond a simple image and present to the viewer tangible as well as intangible possibilities.

Once again Lot 23 has provided the perfect space in which to contemplate, enjoy, and experience new and exciting works at an intimate level.” Amber Rhodes August 2017