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mothermother is a permanent exhibition platform which brings female artists together in an ever-evolving project.

Situated at LOT23 gallery the project includes and welcomes emerging and established contemporary artists to collaborate. The exhibition continually evolves as artists exchange places. The exhibition doesn’t end - it is a story created with artists handing the space onto new artists of their choosing.

The project fosters creative connection by inviting artists who exhibit in the project to make contact with artists in their community to initiate an exchange of space.


  • Ekaterina Dimieva’s non-linear paintings push the boundaries of order and disorder, exploring complexity in abstract painting. Her works can often be viewed as mindscapes, playful and gestural yet compositionally abundant. 

  • Inga Fillary looks to social taboos, abjection and the exhilaration of destruction. Often using dirt and other industrial resources as a medium for her work, she is concerned with the anatomy of the formless in art and capitalist construction. 

  • Monique Lacey’s process alternately strengthens and collapses through her sculptural formations. Seeking to depart from the seamlessness of minimalism, Lacey embraces a mangled ‘baroque-ness.’ 

  • Rebecca Wallis often uses the abject, provoking allusive experiences of the real. Associations between the corporeal and the painterly reveal the ‘beyond, behind and beneath.’ Her recent methods involve simple and unconventional gestures, where she refers to herself as a conduit for the interaction between materials. 

  • Rose Meyer’s practice is largely driven by the investigation into types of information. Parameters are set and actions are allowed to play out with no predetermined outcome. Rather like fieldwork, Meyer’s work is project based where data is collected and translated into the visual through mark-making. 

  • Judy Darragh is renowned for exploring the relationship between objects and their surroundings. Her brightly coloured sculptural assemblages, collages, videos and photography often employ ideas of consumerist culture matched with witty personas. As well as pursuing a prolific art career, Darragh co-founded the initiative Femisphere which was highly influential to the creation of mothermother.