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Critical Groupings

Critical Groupings brings artworks from a group of 2018 post graduate students of Elam, Auckland University.

The group meets weekly to critically discuss concerns of what it means to ‘paint’ and make work in today’s unstable political climate. Where both supervisor and student is tasked with contributing to the discussion and development of both each member’s practice and societal crux, it is a place where respect and honesty is highly valued.  At times raw, joyful, disappointing and always challenging, the sessions are poised to question and seek answers to the most important issues of our time. 

Practices within the group cast a wide net across art history. The aesthetics of beauty. The down and dirty of the formless. Finding spirit and universality within structure. Ecology and Entropy. Personal mythology. Cultural Migration. Land history. Protest. Each artist has a set of concerns specific to their own work, but there is a space at the edge of each practice where a soft weave of delicate lacings is found, which stitch together critical groupings.

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